Youth All Star Cellist Plays for Itzhak Perlman! #They ARE All-Stars!

perlman and adrian

Young Youth All Star Cellist, Mr. Adrian, was delighted and honored to be part of the Perlman Institute Super Strings Program this past December.  Participants received masterclass sectionals, and orchestra rehearsals over the course of two days, before a final side-by side appearance with the Perlman Institute Performers led by the maestro himself!

perlman-reh-e1548623632360.jpgThanks  to the PI staff, volunteers and to Mr. Perlman for making this life affirming and inspiring event  a priority.  What a giving and kind virtuoso Mr. Perlman has shown himself to be over the decades of his career.  It is nearly impossible to estimate how many musicians he has inspired and encouraged.




The all string orchestra thundered through rehearsals and break time was a great chance to meet others from all around our beautiful state.  Mr. Adrian is a member of the Youth All Star Cellos and our top YAS! string group, both are coached by Mrs. Cornelia Brubeck.  Congratulations to Mr. Adrian’s parents, teachers, school and community, what a wonderful bass clef representative from Miami Dade and Broward counties!  Let the rosin fly…

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Photos courtesy of YAS!