Youth All Star Blue Trio Live! Beethoven Brightens ANY Holiday! Beethoven 250!

Beethoven was the chief inspiration for many of the Romantic composers who followed him. As a composer, he mastered every genre of his day, including opera, and was a great virtuoso pianist and one of the greatest composers in the world. The Youth All Star! Blue Trio presents an excerpt of their Christmas and Holiday Garden of Lights Concert Featuring Beethoven during his 250th year.

Youth All Star! represents the premiere Chamber Music Youth Orchestra in South Florida and make the finest virtuoso musicians available to young musicians in small group settings of 3-9 musicians Young musicians join Mei Meil Luo-Violi, Dr. Erin Gittelsohn-Oboe, Cornelia Brubeck-cello, Richard Hancock-Clarinet and Dr. David Brubeck-brass in hourly rehearsals on some of the finest music ever written,

The emphasis on Chamber Music provides the young musician with the ideal environment for growth with loads of on-task time, master class level input from top flight professionals and repertoire that involves both solo and ensemble playing with one or two on a part.

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