YAS! Adapts and Achieves in 2020!

Youth All Star!, South Florida’s premiere chamber music youth orchestra, would like to wish you all the best in 2021!

It certainly has been a year of changes. We have distanced, sanitized and masked! Even some of our instruments wore masks! (Trumpets & Trombones). We moved part of our summer camp online and kept some parts in person. We were pleased to offer an in-person experience for those who desired it alongside the online experience for those who desired to stay at home.

Our concerts have been outdoors and on balconies isolated away from the audiences who were also able to distance themselves.

Many of our YAS! chamber groups have at least one person who rehearses with us online via FaceTime. One of our online only violinists was so happy with our outdoor concert set up, she was able to make the performance in person-and played great!

Two other of our members are online, and we arranged for a third musician to meet them on the patio outside their home for an impromptu Beethoven Trio rehearsal! See a bit of the special rehearsal below:

Another student is only online and wants to come in, so we are arranging a special outdoor rehearsal for her.

Music is such an important aspect of life for our young people-as it is for all people.

If you know if an outstanding young person who you think has what it takes to be a Youth All Star!, then please send them a link to this page and have them hit the “Menu” and then the “Contact” tab to send us an email. We will set up an audition.

Our chamber-music-up approach served us well in 2020, as each of our chamber music groups are naturally sized to 10 or less. In these smaller group settings, we have master musicians who are also great teachers work with students who play their music with just one or two on each part (instead of 10 or twenty!) By emphasizing chamber music, our musicians are playing almost all the time, and not just sitting around waiting and listening to others being rehearsed. Because chamber music offers the best development for musicians by working on both solo and ensemble skills, our musicians can make as much progress in an hour of rehearsal as is made in two or more hours of traditional rehearsals.

Because our wonderful coaches are also great instrumentalists, and not just conductors, they can not only tell how to do it, but show how to do it. A bit of each session is a masterclass with a master musician. In 2020 we added renown violinist Mei Mei Luo to our already outstanding collection of master musician coaches. As former principal violinist of the Florida Philharmonic and current principal violinist of the Miami City Ballet Orchestra, Mei Mei is recognized as one of the finest violinists in South Florida. Mei Mei coaches our advanced trio, quartets and our intermediate string group.

Our complete program also offers Festival Orchestra during non-Covid years. We have suspended the full orchestra, for safety reasons. We have groups for brass, cellos, woodwinds, saxophones and all types of strings!

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