Hot Time! Summer in the City! (Of Weston…) YAS! Saxophones Revive Burger Fi Fridays!!!!!



The Youth All Star Saxophones have answered the call, and re-established the YAS! Burger-Fi Fridays!  Undaunted by missing members who are on vacation or having wisdom teeth removed, the YAS! saxophones added a strange-looking bari-sax, and carried on!  “Amazing Grace” is one song that always seems beautiful and welcome.  Perhaps it may serve as a soothing balm for troubled times.  Best wishes to our healing and traveling members.

As with our recent summer camp, NOTHING BEATS LIVE MUSIC!  It was wonderful to see the students and interact with them and see them interact with one another.  We rehearsed for an hour and performed for an hour, and the time flew by like it was 15 minutes.  We are musicians!  We make music!  Together!  (With proper distancing and precautions!)  Out of your view…hand sanitizer…..  :  )

YAS! Saxophones at Burger-Fi Friday! http://www.YouthAllStar.Org


(Hey now, strange looking saxophone, not player!)


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