Verdi! the Master of the Opera, and a Lion of 3-4 Meter! From the 2020 Weston Music Festival….Youth All Star!

Giuseppe Verdi! The Greatest Opera Composer of All Time? From the 2020 Weston Music Festival, YAS!

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“Verdi”, reportedly the last words of Luciano Pavarotti were the name of the man he considered the greatest opera composer in history! Surely others must have noticed that Verdi is often at his catchy best when in the 3-4 meter signature, like…well..Brindisi! Enjoy this fantastic “ear-worm” from the master of opera and a lion of 3-4 meter-Giuseppe Verdi. From the 2020 Weston Music Festival, and Youth All Star! http://www.YouthAllStar.Org

Big solo on Verdi in her new GOLDEN YAS! shirt to commemorate the 2020 Season!