2019 Weston Music Festival Summer Camp! YAS!!!!!

Join each of our five, summer camp, chamber music groups as they meet for rehearsals, masterclasses, morning music, theory, orchestra and fun!.  We hope that you have as much fun as we are!  The 2019 YOUTH ALL STAR! Weston Music Festival is underway…

Our wonderful faculty include Erin Gittelsohn and Richard Hancock, woodwinds, Cornelia Brubeck, Gus Correa, Erika Venable, Diane Weisberg and Francesca Puro, strings with David Brubeck and Aaron Ney, brass.  Camp manager Anna, fantastic TAs and the finest young musicians around!

2019 Weston Music Festival Summer Camp, Youth All Star!


Who will win the house challenge?  

House Dvorak?  Performing “The American” Quartet No. 12, this string quartet is an early favorite!  But, can they master  The Orange Blossom Special?  Let the rosin fly!

House Beethoven?  This house of brass relies on the trombonists, Beethoven’s Equali, and a TA who is a designer!  But, can they muster a snack master?

Who can forget House Mozart?  A woodwind quartet with the added advantage of cello, not to mention a TA headed for Tanglewood!  Can they overtake house Beethoven’s morning music?

Do not underestimate House Vivaldi; their optimism springs as eternal as the double cello concerto and more!  And what does Anna have hiding in those little boxes?

And what of the Vikings of House Newbold?  Can anyone match their Haiku, or withstand their coach’s bad jokes?  Do they have a secret advantage?

Practice, practice!

Fun, friends and beautiful music!

Let the House Challenge begin!

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